Highcliff Residence Construction Update January 2015

After the Soils Engineer completed their investigation and report, there was an option to either construct the new home on a deepened foundation system utilizing friction piles or remove 5'-0" of loose fill, re-compact  the site and use conventional footings. For a variety of reasons the latter was chosen. In order to prepare the site for conventional footings it was required to perform what is referred to as "removal and re-compaction". The basic concept is to dig out the existing soil and place it back in a series of newly compacted layers or "lifts". The bearing capacity of the amended site would then be sufficient for conventional footings. "How would one compact the soil?" Take a look at the photos below - the answer - extremely heavy machinery! Now that the "R&R" (industry lingo) is complete, trenching for the conventional footings will begin. Check back in for construction updates of the Highcliff Residence.