Highcliff Residence Concrete Pour

It was a beautiful, clear day for our first of two concrete pours at the Highcliff Residence. The first pour took care of all of the footings and stem walls along with interior pads. The second pour will consist of the garage slab and curb along with the exterior pads for the wood deck. Although pouring concrete might seem simple there is a lot of prep-work and coordination with multiple trades that have to be thought through. You have to think steps ahead and make sure you set up the subcontractors to succeed. Electrical and plumbing contractors need to provide sleeves through the stem walls to be able to connect their future work properly. The framer needs to review the location and types of anchor bolts and hold downs and coordinate them with the structural and architectural plans. They also have to consider the direction of column bases which depend on the width and direction of the columns and eventually beams above. The house needs to be properly grounded and connecting a ground rod to the rebar in the foundation is a requirement. This work, along with much more, has been completed and the next step will be to strip the form work and begin framing. Check back soon to see the project go vertical!