Highcliff Construction Progress - Glazing Installed

A lot has happened since our last post on the Highcliff Project. All exterior sheathing has been completed, plumbing rough ins are installed and the underlayment for the standing seam metal roof has been applied. Most notably, the sliding doors and windows have been installed! This is a big milestone for a construction project for the simple reason that the interior is now enclosed and the exterior elements are less of a concern. Since the transom windows were tapering, we had to wait for framing to be completed prior to ordering the glazing. These four windows are the only ones remaining and should be on site soon.

A few interesting items to note while looking at the progress photos - 

Aesthetically, a "light" and thin roof was vital to the concept of the design. We utilized what is refereed to as an "unvented roof assembly" detail which allowed us to keep the roof structure as thin as possible. The detail requires that a layer of rigid installation be applied to the underside of the roof sheathing prior to the standard batt insulation. Looking at some of the photos, the metallic looking finish of the ridged insulation can be seen between the roof joists.

Lastly, in one of the photos, the custom beam hangers can be seen. The connections of the beams where the two grids of the geometry of the house connects called for custom saddles. We have a number of these conditions in which the saddles connect three beams. In one particular case we had a connection that was in three axis! Kudos to our steel fabricator who was dead on from his field measurements and fabrication!

Check back in soon as the progress of construction continues!