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Bogdan Tomalevski, Architect

I am a third generation Architect (both of my parents and a set of my grandparents were architects). I have always been interested in art and specifically design. Whether it was designing and building a piece of furniture, taking a photograph, drawing a landscape or designing a building, I always gravitated towards the arts.

colega = colleague

We are an architectural firm that is dedicated to developing innovative design solutions and providing exceptional client  service. We are an energetic and passionate team that lives the life we strive to design. We believe that architecture affects our lives and thus our lives should be reflected in the architecture we design. Our intention is to celebrate life through the expression of space and its function.  We strive to create a balance between the individual and the group, between the man made and the natural, between ego and selflessness.  We believe that appropriateness grows out of process and that process is collaborative. We are designers, builders and developers. From concept to execution, we believe the participation feeds (nurtures) creativity keeps energy


Life of an Architect Playhouse Winner, 2012