We started Colega Design + Build to:

1. Ensure that the projects we design are built to the standard we expect and;

2. To simplify the process of building a home for our clients.

We believe that both good design and quality construction can be achieved under one roof. Our Design + Build approach means that the design team and the build team work hand in hand early in the process, sharing the common goal of creating our clients dream home.



Colega Architects works with our clients to design a home that encompasses their family’s specific needs and represents their individual lifestyle.

Architects are trained and experienced in creating beautiful, functional spaces that their clients would be proud to live in. Traditionally, Architects are less experienced and have limited control or knowledge of current construction costs. More often than not, the dream home they design for their clients comes in over budget when the Contractor bids on it. This is not so much the fault of the Architect or the Contractor but more so the disconnect of the two early in the process. Seeing as we are both the Architect and Contractor, we can control budget and expectations from the time design starts through construction. During Design the build team provides guidance to the design team with respect to budget and current market trends. With this guidance, the design team can develop a project that meets the client’s goals and can be confident that it will be within budget.



Colega Build will bid and build the home the way it was intended.

In a traditional delivery approach (design - bid - build) an Architects role during construction is to strictly observe. Under this understanding, an Architect is less likely to “get their hands dirty” and help the Contractor with specific questions due to contractual agreements. This separation between the two can cause conflict and does not benefit the project. Our approach connects the two, maintaining the lines of communication on all topics. Having the Architect and Contractor united during construction ensures the intent of the design and the quality of the construction are both maintained.